Cherokee Road Sidewalks

The purpose of this project is to install sidewalks along Cherokee Road between Lexington Road and Beaverdam Road. The proposed sidewalk will close an existing gap, providing pedestrian access to Satterfield Park and adjacent subdivisions. 

Connections to the subdivisions will be made by adding mid-block crosswalks with flashing beacon signage. The project will also include crosswalks and a traffic signal modification at the intersection of Cherokee Road and Beaverdam Road.

Three alternative designs have been proposed by the engineering consultants. Input received from a recent public meeting will inform staff’s recommendation to the Mayor and Commission on which design will be chosen for development. The Mayor and Commission will have access to all of comments before they make a final decision.

Input collected at the meeting and online is being reviewed by staff and will be presented to the Mayor and Commission. A timeframe for this project has not yet been determined.

For more information, call the Athens-Clarke County Transportation & Public Works Department at 706-613-3440 or email

Cherokee Road Sidewalk Gap Project Alternatives