Project 14: Lexington Hwy. Corridor Improvements

Sidewalk Extension Sub-Project

Description:  This sidewalk extension sub-project, on Lexington Highway, is part of TSPLOST 2018 Project 14 – Lexington Hwy Corridor Improvements.

As part of this sub-project new sidewalks will be constructed, to fill-in the gaps between sidewalks, from Johnson Drive to Gaines School Road along the southern side of Lexington Highway.  Also, new sidewalks will be constructed, to fill-in the gaps between sidewalks, on the northern side of Lexington Highway between sidewalks from the existing Transit Stop at the ACCGov Diversion Center facility to existing sidewalk in front of the ACCGov Police Department.   

In total, this sub-project will add approximately 1.5 miles of new sidewalk on Lexington Highway when completed. Some segments of the sidewalk extensions will be built by private developers during separate construction projects underway in the project area.  

There are other sidewalk extensions on Lexington Highway, between Johnson Drive and Loop 10, which are scheduled for completion as part of the ongoing Georgia Department of Transportation Interchange Improvement Project.

For more detailed information, click on link below to view a PowerPoint presentation:  Sidewalk Extension Preliminary Plans

Click on the link below to view the full set of preliminary plans for the Lexington Rd sidewalk : Full Set Lexington Rd Sidewalk - Preliminary Plan

Mayor & Commission Work Session - May 10, 2022

Public Engagement

June 13-26 , 2022

 Use the link below to find out  results from the Public Engagement process.

Estimated Cost:  
TSPLOST 2018 Budget
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