Riverbend Road Sidewalks

The purpose of this project is to improve connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists along Riverbend Road between College Station Road and S. Milledge Road. The proposed project will close an existing sidewalk gap, potentially improve existing bike lanes, allowing better access to adjacent subdivisions and businesses along Riverbend Road as well as to public transportation.

Engineering consultants developed a series of alternative designs for sidewalks and multi-use paths along this corridor, dividing Riverbend Road into 2 segments at Riverbend Parkway.

Segment 1-S. Milledge to Riverbend Pkwy: current pedestrian activity is limited to S. Milledge Ave to Lakeside Dr. There are no bike lanes.

Segment 2-Riverbend Pkwy to College Station Rd: current pedestrian activity is higher, with multiple bus stops, UGA facilities, and apartment complexes. Bike lanes are sub-standard, measuring 4 feet.

Each alternative has been split into 2 main segments due to limited budget and observed pedestrian activities. Segment 2 stood out as a higher priority to staff and to the Athens in Motion Committee due to:

  • The University of Georgia expressed an offer to assist in building a sidewalk from College Station Rd to the Greenhouse driveway with an estimated cost of $125,000
  • There are measurably more pedestrians on this segment from Riverbend Parkway residences
  • More transit lines and bus stops are located on this segment

For each of the 2 segments, designs have been developed with Pedestrian/Sidewalk only alternatives as well as multi-use path alternatives.

The public is invited to review the proposed alternatives

NOTE: A timeframe for construction of this project has not yet been determined.

For more information, call the Athens-Clarke County Transportation & Public Works Department at 706-613-3440 or email engineering@accgov.com.