Athens Transit Feasibility Study

Athens Transit, a leader among transit systems of comparable size, serves the general population of Athens-Clarke County, and coordinates with the University of Georgia transit system to serve the needs of it’s approximately 35,000 students, faculty, and staff. In order to continue to provide exceptional transit service and to identify inefficiencies or duplications of service, Athens Transit initiated a study to assess transportation needs and comprehensive service options.

The Athens Transit Feasibility Study explores the feasibility and efficiencies of future transit service in Athens-Clarke County and the surrounding metropolitan areas. The purpose of this study is to complete an assessment of existing conditions and operations, complete a needs assessment for service expansion and identify the feasibility, opportunities, and options for expansion and/or consolidation of services. The study goals include: ensuring demand is served, providing multi-modal options, implementing system efficiencies, finding fiscally prudent solutions, leveraging local funding, and identifying long-term funding sources.

Documents (PDF)

Athens Transit Executive Summary (15 mb)

Athens Transit Final Report (34 mb)

Appendices to the Report (51 mb)

Powerpoint (.pptx)

Transit Feasibility Study Overview (7 mb)

Presentation to the Mayor & Commission (42 mb)