1. Revised Transit Service Routes Begin July 1

    On May 1, 2018, the Mayor & Commission approved revisions set forth in the Transit Development Plan for nine service routes. Read on...
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Revised Routes Beginning July 1, 2018


Detours for May 2018

Due to the closure of Gillis Bridge on Sanford Drive, the displaced routes will serve the following stops (see maps below):

  • Route 12 will serve the East Campus Village and Riverbend Parkway. Passengers on campus who would like to connect with route 12 must go to the Joe Frank Harris bus stop.
  • Routes 14 & 9 will pick-up at 
    • (OUTBOUND) Correll Hall and Cedar @ Lumpkin Outbound
    • (INBOUND) Cedar @ Lumpkin Inbound and Gilbert Hall.
  • Route 26 will pick-up at (OUTBOUND) Cedar @ East Campus and Tucker Hall Outbound
  • Route 25 will pick-up at (INBOUND) Tucker Hall Inbound
  • Route 20 Evening Service will Inbound on Hull Street and serve the UGA Arch

Maps for May 2018 Detours

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