Inclement Weather Service Route Plan

In the event that inclement weather requires changes to normal bus service, ACC Transit will follow the following established plan of service reduction. In severe cases, bus service may be suspended completely.

Inclement Weather Detours

Routes 5, 9, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27

Exit the Multimodal Transportation Center left, turning on E. Broad St. Turn left on MLK Pkwy and left again on to North Ave. and continuing on to Dougherty and to Jackson St. Resume route there.

Route 6

No service to W. Hancock. Use Thomas St. to W. Broad

Routes 22, 25, 26, 27

Use Jackson St. as long as conditions allow. Alternate route will use Oconee St. to Foundry St. Turn right onto Thomas then right onto North Ave. Turn right at Willow and then right again into the Multimodal Transportation Center.

Route 6

No service to Old Epps Bridge Rd. Use Epps Bridge Parkway to Atlanta Hwy. Continue regular route.

Routes 5, 7

No service to Westchester or Chalfont Ln. Continue to Tallassee Rd. to Whitehead Rd. to Pilgrim's Pride. Turn around at Pilgrim's Pride and come back down Tallassee Rd. and continue regular route.

Route 2

No service to Vine or First St. The bus will travel from Peter St. to E. Broad back to regular route.

Extreme Weather
In case of extreme weather, the transit system may shut down completely. This occurs only when the Transit Director, in consultation with the Athens Clarke County Manager, determines that the continued operation of the system would place personnel and the public in danger.