What is the status of trail development?

Athens-Clarke County has completed a 0.8-mile segment of the Firefly Trail from East Broad Street to Old Winterville Road, including bridges over the North Oconee River and Peter Street. Athens-Clarke County voters approved a Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (TSPLOST) in 2017 that will provide $16.7 million toward creating the trail in Winterville, crossing Trail Creek, and building as much of the trail as possible between Athens and Winterville. 

Also, Maxeys and Union Point have secured $100,000 recreational trails grants to build Model Miles, and Firefly Trail Inc., has raised more than $200,000 to help them and other communities provide local matching funds. Riverview Foundation, W&A Engineering, and the National Park Service have come on board as major sponsors, and Firefly Trail, Inc. has recruited a part-time Trail Development Coordinator to spearhead work on building the trail. The Georgia Department of Transportation commissioned an economic impact analysis in 2016 that estimated the trail, when completed, will attract about 1.1 million users per year with a total economic impact of $14.7 million annually.

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