Dudley Park Improvements


What's happening at Dudley Park?

One of Athens' most beloved parks is getting a much-needed facelift, including public restrooms, an outdoor amphitheater, new trails, and improved landscaping. Dudley Park serves as the hub of the Greenway and Firefly Trails, is just minutes from downtown Athens, and connects several neighborhoods.

Outdoor Amphitheater, Pedestrian Plaza, and Restrooms

An outdoor grassy amphitheater, pedestrian plaza, and restrooms were completed in Fall 2021. These additions are part of the Dudley Park Master Plan and are funded by SPLOST. See full details of the project.

Public Art

 "Heron Sighting," a mural by Krysia Ara, was installed near the pavilion in Fall 2021, as part of the 1% public art designation for all SPLOST projects. 

Invasive Plant Removal, Restorative Planting, & New Trail Section

Everyone loves the lush greenery of the park, but sometimes that greenery includes invasive plant species that crowd out and kill native plants. In an effort to restore vegetation, the Leisure Services Department has partnered with  the ACCGov Sustainability Office to remove invasive species, plant native species, and rebuild trails in Dudley Park.

Firefly Bridge over Trail Creek

The Firefly Trail TSPLOST Project includes a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Trail Creek. This bridge is designated where a remnant of an old wooden railroad trestle remains. This structure is commonly referred to as the Trail Creek Trestle or the Murmur Trestle. Learn about the project, including the public input and design processes.

Let us know what you think!

Please email LeisureServices@accgov.com or call 706-613-3800.

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