Dudley Park Improvements

Project Information

Improvements for the park are funded through the SPLOST 2011 program in accordance with the approved Dudley Park Master Plan. Open House meeting(s) will be hosted to get input from the public on the priority order of the elements from the Approved Project Concept. Also, to get any input on the specific types of features desired within the individual elements. Schematic designs and a priority list will be created on the basis of the information obtained during the public input sessions.

Examples of the improvements include a proposed amphitheater, re-alignment of greenway trails within the park, playground facilities, picnic pavilion, restrooms, invasive vegetation management, and park signage, with possibilities for more improvement options. For reference, please view the Visual Examples

For additional information, please visit our Dudley Park page or the Project 17 SPLOST page.

Status: Complete
Target Completion Date: March 2020
Location: 100 Dudley Park Road Athens, GA

Please call Park Planning at 706-613-3801 or email us at park.planning@accgov.com if you have additional questions.