Playgrounds at Sandy Creek Park

Sandy Creek Park's two playgrounds are both free to use with park admission. Check out all of the details below.  In addition to special Playground Rules, all park rules apply.

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  1. Playground 1
  2. Playground 2

Playground 1 is designed for ages 5-12 and includes slides, climbers, and swings. Located between the Beach, Pavilion 1, and Picnic Areas 2 & 3, this playground is popular as a way to keep kids occupied while lunch is on the grill or when a break from the water is needed.

Closest Parking: Parking Lot 4 (~150ft.)
Closest Restroom: Pavilion 1 (~250 ft)
Adjacent Amenities: 
Beach, Pavilion 1, Picnic Areas 2 & 3, Lakeside Trail, Volleyball Court
Area Map

Photo of Playground 1 at Sandy Creek Park.

Playground Rules

Designed for Ages 5-12

Playground designed for ages 5-12

Adult Supervision Required

Adult supervision recommended.
Play at your own risk.


Cleats, pets, glass, and sharp objects are prohibited inside the play area.

Alert (Black)WARNING
Can cause serious injury or death.
No NecklacesNo ScarvesNo HelmetsNo Drawstrings Hoods or CordsStrangulation Hazard.
Remove clothing/accessories with drawstrings, hoods, or cords such as helmets, necklaces, and scarves.
Burn HazardBurn Hazard.
Check for hot surfaces.
Slippery When WetSlippery when wet.
Equipment and users must be dry.
Use as IntendedUse as intended.