Litter Prevention Programs and Contact Information

Report litter & dumping from vehicles and uncovered loads in Athens-Clarke County

Report a Tag Number

Report areas of scattered trash and roads in need of a litter cleanup

Report a Littered Area

Report dumping of tires, bags of trash, and large items

Report Illegal Dumping
  • Athens-Clarke County Litter Hotline - submit this online form or call 706-613-3506 to reach the Litter Hotline and anonymously report the tag number of vehicles that are spotted littering or vehicles with uncovered loads in Athens-Clarke County.  The litterbug is sent an educational letter informing them that they've been seen littering and outlining the fines for this behavior (although no fine is levied).
  • Report Littered Areas - submit this online form or call 706-613-3506 to report a road or an area in need of a litter cleanup. These areas will then be included on our list of eligible places where Adopt-A-Highway or Down & Dirty volunteers will conduct a litter clean or be considered for large-sized cleanups that take place during community-wide events such as Rivers Alive. Residents are also encouraged to be proactive and play a role in keeping their community litter free and can receive assistance organizing a cleanup.
  • Report Illegal Dumping - submit this online form or call 706-613-3506 to report an area where the illegal dumping of trash bags, mattresses, furniture, tires, appliances, construction debris, or other large items has taken place.
  • Report Litter on State Routes - call 706-583-2644 to reach the GA Department of Transportation's Athens Office and report a litter or mowing-related issue or illegal dumping on a state route (such as the Loop10).
  • Report Dead Animals, Trash Collection and/or Leaf and Limb-related Issues - call 706-613-3501 to reach the ACC Solid Waste Department.
  • Stormwater Hotline - call 706-614-1282 to report water pollution-related concerns (pollutants in a storm drain or stream). 
  • Athens Banner Herald Advertising Circulars - call (706) 208-2300 to opt out from receiving them.

Celebrate the positive!

  • Nominate a Citizen - Recognize a citizen for their cleanup and greening efforts.  These citizens will then be eligible for KACCB Keepin' It Clean Citizen of the Year or for a special Thank You! from KACCB.
  • Beautiful Business of the Month - Recognize a business for making our community more beautiful by submitting their name as a Beautiful Business of the Month.
  • Adopt Athens - Adopt an area through our Adopt-A-Highway, Adopt Athens, or Adopt-A-Stop Programs.

Community Litter Information

Litter Education

Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful also works to combat litter through their educational programs.  If you would like to schedule a visit or a program for your group or classroom, give us a call at

706-613-3501 ext. 7879

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80% of litter that ends up in our oceans starts inland. 
Here are 10 THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR TRASH FREE SEAS and to keep waterways clean in ATHENS!