Adopt Athens

About the Program

Adopt Athens is a community appearance program sponsored by Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful and Athens-Clarke County Central Services Landscape ManagementTransit, and Leisure Services. The goal of the program is to create the opportunity for committed volunteers to take part in the improvement and maintenance of public spaces in our community. The Adopt Athens Program serves as an umbrella for all adopting projects, including Adopt-A-Highway, Adopt-A-Stop, Adopt-A-Median, Adopt-A-Park, etc.

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Any civic-minded organization, such as garden clubs, church groups, scout groups, student clubs, neighborhood associations, businesses, corporations, families, etc., can adopt portions of Athens.


Working with Athens-Clarke County staff, you will develop a layout or maintenance plan for the area of interest. The adopting organization will provide for plant installments and/or maintenance services as agreed upon in the application. You can choose to improve an area by planting trees and flowers or you can choose to maintain an area by mowing and picking up litter. It’s all up to you. The scope of service (minimum of two years) will depend on the group’s interest and time availability.

Spaces to Adopt

You can adopt local public spaces that you would like to beautify, improve, or maintain. Locations and participant applications are subject to government approval. Potential sites to adopt include roadsides (Adopt-A-Highway), medians, bus stops (Adopt-A-Stop), neighborhood green spaces, trails or greenways, park areas (Adopt-A-Park), or government facilities.


Groups and organizations can receive satisfaction by being part of a program that truly makes a difference in the community. Adoptees have the option of placing an Adopt Athens sign at the site that acknowledges the group’s contribution and commitment to the program.


Georgia Adopt-A-Stream (AAS) is housed in the NonPoint Source Program in the Water Protection Branch of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. The program is funded by a Section 319(h) Grant. The goals of Georgia Adopt-A-Stream are to (1) increase public awareness of the State’s nonpoint source pollution and water quality issues, (2) provide citizens with the tools and training to evaluate and protect their local waterways, (3) encourage partneAASlogo_rounded_noborder (002)rships between citizens and their local government, and (4) collect quality baseline water quality data.
To accomplish these goals, Georgia Adopt-A-Stream encourages individuals and communities to monitor and/or improve sections of streams, wetlands, lakes or estuaries. Manuals, training, and technical support are provided through Georgia EPD, Adopt-A-Stream Regional Training Centers and more than 50 established Community/Watershed Adopt-A-Stream organizers. The Adopt-A-Stream and Wetland Regional Training Centers are located at State Universities in Columbus, Milledgeville, Americus, and Savannah. These centers play a key role in providing training, technical support and organizational support to citizens throughout Georgia. 

You can find out more about the program in Athens-Clarke County by contacting our local coordinator: 
(706)613-3615 ext. 231 

Sandy Creek Nature Center, Adopt-A-Stream