Littering Facts

Attitudes Toward Litter

Research has shown that the main factor in littering is attitude. People feel it’s okay to litter in these situations:

  • Where litter is cleaned up periodically, such as shopping centers, parking lots, or theaters
  • Where they feel no sense of ownership, such as in public parks, on city streets, or around rented homes
  • Where there is already an accumulation of litter, such as at illegal dump sites or where litter is trapped

 Seven Main Sources of Litter 

The seven main sources of litter all result from:

  1. Commercial and business trash
  2. Construction site material
  3. Household trash
  4. Loading dock refuse
  5. Loose material (hauled by uncovered trucks)
  6. Motorists
  7. Pedestrians

Stop the Spread of Littering 

Take action in your community to report and cleanup litter.  KACCB has a range of programs to help empower citizens and businesses to take action.

Keep America Beautiful Litter Information Sheets