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The Adopt-A-Highway Program in Athens-Clarke County
Adopt-A-Highway is a local litter prevention program sponsored by Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful (KACCB) that works to involve community volunteers in local roadside clean-up efforts. The goal of the program is to reduce roadside litter in an effort to keep our community clean and beautiful. Community organizations and/or volunteers accept the responsibility of regular litter pickups on their “adopted” local roadway. Adopt-A-Highway is part of the larger Adopt Athens Program, which is a community appearance program that allows community volunteers to take part in the care and maintenance of county roads, parks, rivers, medians, bus stops, etc.  There are two Adopt-A-Highway programs in Athens: the KACCB Adopt-A-Highway program for county roads and the Georgia Department of Transportation State Adopt-A-Highway program for state roads.

Interested in Adopting a Road?
If you would like to adopt a road, call the Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful office to ensure that your selection is available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a state roadway, please call the Department of Transportation District 1 office at (770) 718-5019.

 KACCB Adopt-A-Highway selections should be one mile or more in length. Adopting organizations must do regularly scheduled clean-ups to keep their adopted roadway clean and free of litter (a minimum of four clean-ups a year). KACCB will provide gloves, garbage bags, recycling bags, safety vests, grab-its, and bag collection for the cleanup. 
To apply, submit an Adopt-A-Highway application to KACCB. We will forward your application to the Mayor who will officially accept your organization into the program.