Littervention. Your Dirty Secret Is Out.

ADMIT IT. That's the first step to helping Athens get clean.  A tossed wrapper, a cup left when no one is looking, a cigarette butt thrown out the window when you are alone.  It seems like a small thing, but each adds up to a big problem.  Our neighbors have been cleaning up after us, but the problem gets out of control.  Looking the other way when a piece of trash is improperly disposed of starts to take its toll on our city.  When will it stop?  When someone gets sick?  When jobs are located in cleaner communities? When we see how much money we lose cleaning up after everyone?

FACE THE PROBLEM.  Litter is something you can change.  Start by looking at yourself.  Do you really need to toss it?  Or can you recycle it?  Can you keep it until you get to a can?  What about making sure you keep your trash covered whether you are driving it somewhere or letting it sit out at the curb?  

HELP OTHERS OVERCOME THEIR LITTERING PROBLEM.  Chances are your friends and loved ones don't realize what littering is doing to our community.  Don't sit by silently.

MAKE AMENDS.  Volunteer in your community.  Don't throw it. Pick litter up when you see it. Join in on a community cleanup.

The Costs of litter