Litter Prevention

Take Action - 

If you see littering or illegal dumping

  • Litter Hotline - calling our anonymous hotline allows citizens to report the tag number of vehicles that are spotted littering.  The litterbug is sent an educational letter informing them that they've been seen littering and outlining the fines for this behavior (although no fine is levied).
  • Don't want your advertising circular from the Athens Banner Herald? You can call and opt out at: 706-208-2385.
  • Littered areas can be reported to KACCB to be included on our list of areas eligible for an organized cleanup, such as Rivers Alive or a Down & Dirty.  Citizens are also encouraged to take an active role in their community and can get help implementing a cleanup.
  • Citizens can report a litter issue, illegal dumping, or mowing issue on a state route (such as the loop), by contacting the Georgia Department of Transportation. The number for the Athens office is 706-583-2644.
  • If you have an illegal dumping situation that needs investigation, you can contact ACC Community Protection

Litter Prevention Programs

Citizens and volunteers are the force helping Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful to keep our community clean and beautiful! We rely on the reports we receive to let us know which areas of our county are looking good and which areas are in need of action.  We'd love to hear what you see in your neighborhood and are here to help you recognize the great work of your neighbors or to help you take action to stop littering.

Community Litter Information

Litter Education

Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful also works to combat litter through their educational programs.  If you would like to schedule a visit or a program for your group or classroom, give us a call at
706-613-3501 x7879
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80% of litter that ends up in our oceans starts inland. 
Here are 10 THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR TRASH FREE SEAS and to keep waterways clean in ATHENS!
Celebrate the positive!
  • Recognize a citizen for their cleanup and greening efforts.  These citizens will then be eligible for KACCB Keepin' It Clean Citizen of the Year or for a special Thank You! from KACCB.
  • Recognize a business for making our community more beautiful by submitting their name as a Beautiful Business of the Month.
  • Nominate an area as clean and green.
  • Adopt an area through our Adopt-A-Highway, Adopt Athens, or Adopt-A-Stop Programs.