Sewer Project: Brooklyn Creek Interceptor Improvements, Phase 1

Project Details

Name: Brooklyn Creek Interceptor Improvements, Phase 1

Type: Sewer

Notice to proceed: Fall 2022

Status: 0%

Expected Construction Completion Date: Spring 2024

Area for Improvements: From King Ave. to Baxter St.

Construction cost: $23,242,075 construction contract award approved by Mayor & Commission on June 7, 2022

Project Summary: This is a PUD capital improvements project and is the first phase of the PUD Service Delivery Plan Project No. 3-309.  Phase 1 of the Brooklyn Creek Interceptor Project includes the replacement of the sewer interceptor from the trunk line at the Middle Oconee River up to Baxter Street.  The Brooklyn Creek Interceptor is significantly undersized for the wastewater flow currently in the sewer shed drainage system.  The clay pipe material and age of some adjacent homes indicate the drainage system may have been built in the 1950s.   The system investigation found areas with deficiencies, including undersized pipes and pipes in very poor condition.  Preliminary indications are that by replacing this interceptor, eight of the nine aerial crossings may be eliminated, which will improve the protection and flow characteristics of the creek.

How this benefits Athens' residents: The increased pipe size will provide greater sewer capacity based on population projections as approved in the 2020 SDP Update.  The lowered depth of the pipe will allow for the elimination of aerial spans along Brooklyn Creek.   

Brooklyn Creek Sewer Interceptor map