Sewer Project: Sanford Stadium Interceptor Improvements, Phase 1

Project Details

Name:  Sanford Stadium Interceptor Improvements, Phase 1

Type:  Sewer 

Notice to Proceed: Summer 2022

Status: 0% design

Expected Design Completion Date: Spring 2023

Area for Improvements:  Oconee Hill Cemetery 

Design cost: $284,667

Image of elevated manhole sanford stadium interceptor

Project Summary: This is a PUD capital improvements project and is the first phase of the PUD Service Delivery Plan Project No. 3-313. The project's scope includes replacing about 700 linear feet of sanitary sewer (SS) interceptor pipe. The existing SS pipe is located adjacent to the Oconee Hill Cemetery in a permanent utility easement held by PUD. Before construction, several non-invasive field investigations will occur, including using ground-penetrating radar to locate subsurface historic resources adjacent to the project site. During construction, the contractor will excavate the existing SS pipe, demolish the existing pipe, and install the new pipe within the same trench alignment. A temporary bypass pumping and piping system will be used to convey SS flows downstream to the water reclamation facility for treatment. The construction contractor will also replace an existing aerial SS pipe river crossing. PUD anticipates the construction phase to begin in 2023.

How this benefits Athens' residents: This pipe will be upsized to convey sanitary sewer flows that have increased in volume due to upstream commercial and residential development.

aerial pipes sanford stadium interceptor


  • 710 LF of Pipe
  • Increase pipe diameter to 30 inches
  • Same Trench Pipe Replacement
  • 5 Manholes
  • 1 Aerial River Crossing
Overall project map sanford stadium interceptor