Does the Georgia Code require that we spend money in a certain manner?

Since the intergovernmental agreement is executed with Bogart and Winterville, thus allowing the maximum 1% tax, then a minimum of 30% of revenue generated must be used on projects consistent with the Statewide Strategic Transportation Plan (SSTP). The SSTP is a policy document and does not include an exhaustive list of projects. The SSTP outlines a series of statewide priorities and identifies several programs and/or plans which directly support those priorities. 

A handful of key projects are identified in various places throughout the document to illustrate how a program or plan may ultimately result in implementation of a specific project. Because the SSTP identifies a broad range of supportive strategies and programs, many projects will be consistent with the SSTP. For example, projects that would be considered consistent include interchange projects, safety projects, and operational improvement projects. [see O.C.G.A 48-8-269.(c)920(D) and 269.995(b)(2)(D)]

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