Q: How and where can I recycle plastic bags and other stretchy plastics?

A: Bags and stretchy film plastic, like the bubble wrap and pillows that come in packages are not recyclable in your household recycling, but they can be taken to our Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM) to be recycled separately. They can also be included in the grocery bag recycling bins at most grocery stores, just pop the air out and include it with your plastic bags.

CHaRM is located at 1005 College Avenue. Please visit www.accgov.com/charm for the most updated hours and operations.

NOTE: The reason that we can not accept stretchy film plastic such as bags, bubble wrap, and film pillows in the regular recycling is because they are considered "tanglers" in our recycling facility. They get caught and wrapped in the rotating machinery that sorts the materials, and can jam and break the machines. While these materials are technically "recyclable," they need to be processed separately for this reason.

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