Q: Plastics are confusing, which ones can I recycle?

A: Clean and empty, rigid plastic containers such as cups, bottles, jugs, food trays, tubs, toys, buckets, and bins are accepted in the regular recycling. For a more detailed list and photos, visit accgov.com/recycle or email recycle@accgov.com

We do NOT accept stretchy or flexible plastics such as bags, wraps, bubble packaging, Styrofoam, chip bags or snack wrappers. Disposable plates and cutlery are also NOT recyclable.

Styrofoam and stretchy plastic (bags, wraps, etc) can be recycled separately at the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM). CHaRM is located at 1005 College Avenue. Please visit accgov.com/charm for the most updated hours and operations.

Email recycle@accgov.com if you have questions.

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