What is the process for adoption?

The process begins when a potential adopter fills out an adoption application either at the shelter or printed from our website. The application can be hand delivered or faxed.

We accept applications on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once the application is received, we will provide the potential adopter with an appointment date and time to adopt. 

We encourage potential adopters to call before coming to their appointment to determine if an owner reclaimed the dog or another potential adopter ahead of them in line adopted the dog. The adoption fee is $50. 

Animal Services will transport the dog to a local veterinarian’s office for neutering or spaying. The adopter must pay for the surgery at the time the dog is picked up from the veterinarian’s office. Once the adopter submits a copy of the receipt showing the surgery has been done, the adopter will receive a refund check for $25 by mail.

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