How does the voting process work in Georgia?
When you arrive at the polls, you’ll check in with the poll workers, sign a voter’s certificate, and show ID. You will then be handed a voter access card programmed with your ballot information. This card unlocks the voting machine. It contains no personal data about you or your vote. Go to any available voting unit. Insert the voter card in the slot at the right hand side, and push it in firmly until it clicks. The first screen you’ll see is the instructions page. Read it carefully, then touch Next to begin voting.

The first page of the ballot will be displayed next. To make your choice, simply touch the box on the screen next to the candidates or questions. An X will appear next to your choice. To change your choice, touch the box a second time. The X will disappear. Then you can make your new selection.

Georgia’s touch-screen system will not let you choose too many candidates for an office or vote both yes and no on a question (also known as "overvoting"). A summary page will show at the end of your ballot. Races in which you have not made selections will appear in red. By touching a race, you can return to it and vote (or change your vote) if desired. After you are done making selections, touch Cast Ballot at the end of your summary screen to cast your ballot. You have now completed voting.

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