Group Accident Insurance


Group Accident Insurance is an elected benefit option offered to all full-time ACCUG employees to maintain the high level of benefit expectations. Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Group Accident Insurance is protection against accident related costs that can strain your budget. Group Accident Insurance pays a benefit directly to you if you have a covered injury, on or off the job, and need treatment. With the continued rise in the cost of medical procedures, Group Accident Insurance can provide ACCUG employees a financial safety net.

Examples of covered injuries and expenses: Broken/fractured bones, burns, torn ligaments, tendon repair, lacerations, eye injuries, ruptured discs, concussion, dental work, skin graft, dislocation

Emergency & Hospitalization: Emergency room treatment, ambulance service, emergency treatment at urgent care, ICU admission, medical imaging, outpatient surgery facility, doctor office visit, hospitalization, occupational therapy, speech therapy, chiropractic visit, physical therapy, pain management

Treatment & Other Services: Surgery, physician follow up, therapy, prosthetic device/artificial limb, appliance, blood/plasma/platelets, travel & lodging due to accident, rehab confinement

Accidental Death & Other Losses: Accidental death of employee/spouse/child, accidental dismemberment, accidental loss of sight/hearing/speech, paralysis

Who can be covered?

Choose the coverage that is right for you! All ACCUG full-time employees and their dependents can be covered. Dependent coverage can be purchased in addition to employee coverage for a flat payroll rate. There are no health questions, and coverage is portable if needed.

How does it work?

Real Life example for a torn ACL (knee ligament injury)

  • Out-of-pocket expenses incurred: 
    • ER Copay $150.00
    • Deductible $700.00 
    • Coinsurance ($3,500x20%) $700.00 
    • Copay for six physical therapy visits $210.00 
    • = Total expenses $1,760.00
  • Nontaxable Benefit Payout from Unum: 
    • ER Visit $150.00 
    • Appliance (knee brace) $100.00
    • Outpatient Surgery facility service $300.00
    • Surgical Ligament tear repair $800.00
    • Six physical therapy sessions $150.00 
    • = Total Payout $1,500.00
  • Total cost with Group Accident Insurance: 
    • $1,760.00—$1,500.00 = $260.00Total Out-of-pocket Expenses!!

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