ACC Water Reclamation Facilities

Not only do the three Water Reclamation Facilities in Athens-Clarke County (ACC) reclaim, refresh, and return our water, but the facilities themselves have been reclaimed, refreshed, and returned.

The first ACC wastewater treatment plant was built in 1962 along the North Oconee River. Another soon followed by the Middle Oconee in 1964 and a third began operations near Cedar Creek in 1980. Advances in wastewater treatment technology and population growth made it necessary ACC improve and expand the capacity of these plants. By 2012, the North Oconee and Cedar Creek plants had been decommissioned and new facilities were built and are operating in these locations. The Middle Oconee plant received a complete and extensive upgrade.

The plants are now referred to as Water Reclamation Facilities (WRF). The effluent (discharge) from a WRF is of such high quality, it can be reused in irrigation and safely returned to our waterways. The water is “reclaimed”.

All three facilities replaced dangerous chlorine gas with a disinfection system consisting of ultraviolet lights. A cutting-edge SCADA Plant Control System allows operators to supervise all functions of the WRF from one location. The WRFs have enhanced environmental protection and ended odor issues in the neighboring areas. Schedule a tour of a WRF and see the changes for yourself!

Reclaimed. Refreshed. Returned. 

Phone numbers:
 North Oconee WRF: 706-613-3485
 Middle Oconee WRF: 706-613-3486
 Cedar Creek WRF: 706-613-3905


Meet the microorganisms that help to clean our wastewater. Filmed on location at Cedar Creek Water Reclamation Facility, this video introduces you to a few of our tiny helpers.

We Love Your Waste!

North Oconee Overhead Cropped_thumb.jpg

North Oconee WRF is located
 off College Station Road.

What else is new? 

At North Oconee:

Middle Oconee Overhead Cropped_thumb.jpg
Middle Oconee WRF is located
off Will Hunter Road.

At Middle Oconee:

  • Plant capacity increased from 6 to 10 million gallons a day
  • Improved dewatering facilities
  • Strategically located activated carbon odor control system
  • Influent pumps station and force main, headworks facility, secondary clarifier, and chemical feed facilities updated
  • Fats, oils, and grease collection bin for for resident drop-off

At Cedar Creek:

  • Plant capacity increased from 2 to 4 million gallons a day
  • Strategically located activated carbon odor control system
  • Advanced technologies, including biological treatment with nutrient removal
Cedar Creek Overhead Cropped_thumb.jpg
Cedar Creek WRF is located off Barnett Shoals Road.