Commercial FOG Program

Athens-Clarke County requests early input from the community on a new sewer use ordinance under consideration regarding the maintenance of grease traps at foodservice establishments.  

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What is FOG?

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) refers to cooking by-products discharged in wastewater.  Restaurants and other commercial food service establishments (FSEs) often produce a high volume of FOG.  Over time, FOG sticks to sewer lines and becomes a leading cause of blockages in sewer lines, clogs in restaurant drain lines, and creates both human and environmental health risks.

The control of grease blockages is a high priority for the Environmental Protection Division. In accordance with the federal and state regulations regarding the disposal of FOG, Athens-Clarke County (ACC) manages a commercial FOG control program.    

Grease Trap Maintenance

The current ACC Sewer Use Ordinance requires grease traps be installed, cleaned, and maintained as necessary. The new ordinance proposes additional requirements including:

  • Schedules for pumping and maintaining grease traps and oil separators,
  • A manifest program to track the removal and disposal of the waste by pumpers, and
  • Monetary penalties for non-compliance.
Grease transporters of commercial FOG must be approved by Athens-Clarke County.  Please visit the list of approved FOG transporters.

For more information, contact:
Bob Schneller
ACC FOG Inspector

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