Athens-Clarke County Library Board

MEMBERS: 15 + 1 member appointed by City of Winterville

TERM: 5 years - limit 2 consecutive 5 year terms



  • Regular meetings: Second Tuesday - quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct) at 4:00 PM, Athens-Clarke County Library Boardroom, 2025 Baxter Street 
  • Special meetings: determined at the time of call

MAJOR DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: (Trustee Job Description from the 1996 edition of the Georgia Public Library Trustees Handbook)

The most important role, is that board members should be strong library advocates. Board Members should:

  • Have a serious commitment to the provision of library services within our community.
  • One of the library board’s most important responsibilities is to work to obtain adequate financial support so that the library can provide a meaningful program of services for the residents of the area. 
  • The ability to attend regularly scheduled board meetings. 
  • Have a commitment to the principles and practices for ensuring that the library provides broad and equitable access to the knowledge, information and diversity of ideas needed by community residents.
  • Prepare for and attend regular board meetings. To get the most from the meetings and to be able to share your skills and knowledge, board members should attend each meeting after having read and thought about the issues and topics that will be discussed. 
  • Act as an advocate for the library through contacts with civic groups and public officials. 
  • Become familiar with principles and issues relating to intellectual freedom and the equitable provision of public library services. It is a responsibility of the library board, and each member of that board, to make a commitment to the community’s freedom of inquiry and expression.
  • Participate as a member of a team (the library board) to protect and advance the interests of the broader community by effectively governing the operations and promoting the development of the local public library. 


Julie Darnell12-31-2021
Alice Hunt12-31-2021
Annice Ritter12-31-2021
Erin Boydstun12-31-2022
Courtney Brown12-31-2022
Stephanie Hall12-31-2022
Theresa Cullen12-31-2023
Materance Jordan12-31-2023
John Timmons12-31-2023
Hayley Cox12-31-2024
Steven Mason12-31-2024
Jane Russell12-31-2024
Svea Bogue12-31-2025
Ruth Vernotico12-31-2025
David Woods12-31-2025

Mayor and Commission

Valerie Bell, Regional Director

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