Inmate Personal Property

Personal Property

1. Each inmate may have the following:

a. Underwear / Undershirts - limit 6 (white only)
b. Socks - limit 6 pair (white only)
c. Bras - limit 6 (white only, no under wires)
d. Photographs - a limit of 6, (4”x 6") size or smaller
No Polaroid’s.
e. Books of a religious or inspirational nature (Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, etc.)
f. Textbooks (High School, G.E.D., College, or technical)
g. Reference books (dictionary, thesaurus, etc.)
h. Note: All books must be softcover (no metal bindings).

Approved property may be mailed or brought to an inmate in the original unopened factory packaging during the inmate’s first 5 days in jail. After 5 days, items may be purchased through the commissary.

Inmate property may be dropped off (Tue, Wed. and Sat.) during the standard visitation hours (except on Sundays). Items may be brought on Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:00 to 3:30 pm. All property items must be left in the visitation lobby at the rear of the jail.

Approved inmate property includes solid white undergarments and socks, limit 6, soft cover educational textbook or religious books, limit 4. Inmate property is not accepted in the jail front lobby, except for court clothing for a jury trial.