Visitor Dress Code

Dress Code

Visitors must be dressed in a modest and proper manner before at any time while in or on the facility grounds. Shirt, shoes, and underwear are required.

Visitor clothing must be clean and not be a source of any offensive odor, debris, or organic material.

Prohibited Items

The following visitor clothing is not permitted to be worn in or on the facility grounds and will subject the wearer to be refused admittance:

  • Jogging, wind, or soccer shorts; spandex clothing; tights, leotards, or other dancewear; or bathing swimwear skirts with a hemline more than four inches above the knee
  • Tank, spaghetti-strap, mesh, or midriff (revealing the bare midriff of the visitor when both arms are raised) shirts
  • Sheer, see-through, or revealing clothing
  • Clothing with visual or written messages referring to illicit drugs, alcohol, weapons, violence, vulgar or obscene language or images, gang affiliation or culture, or insults to another race, religion, gender, or ethnicity
  • Hats or hoods
  • Clothing similar to law enforcement, inmate, or medical staff uniforms
  • Double-layered clothing (more than one set of pants, shorts, shirt, socks, or footwear)