More About the Jail

Jail Information

The Clarke County Jail is a temporary holding facility for persons arrested for criminal offenses or local ordinance violations; persons being held for probation / parole violation, contempt of court, or offenses committed in another county or state; and offenders sentenced to incarceration in the jail or another correctional facility.

Arrestees are usually brought directly to the jail upon arrest or after initial interrogation by the arresting agency. Arrestees are allowed to use the telephone upon completing the booking process, usually within a few hours after their arrival. Arrestees who are not able to post bail are brought before a magistrate within 48 hours of arrest.

Inmates who are held while awaiting trial or transfer to another facility are housed according to an objective classification system. This ensures that inmates whose current behavior and/or potential for violence or disruptive conduct are housed separately from inmates who do not present such a threat.

Inmate Rules

Rules, regulations, schedules, and expected conduct of inmates are posted in each housing area. Inmates who violate the rules are subject to being restricted from such institutional privileges as access to recreation, visitation, commissary, and educational / religious programs.

Inmate Recreation

Inmates whose custody levels permit may receive regular access to outdoor recreation, visits with family and friends, and approval to participate in several educational and religious programs. Sentenced inmates who qualify may also receive extra visiting time in return for working in the jail kitchen, on cleaning crews, and on other inmate work details.