Inmate Services at The Clarke County Jail

"Research has shown that Inmate Programs can reduce recidivism. Programs demonstrated to be effective include GED, Cognitive Behavioral interventions, 12 Step Support Groups, and other methods. Inmates often recognize their negative situation and desire a change. Successful programs stem from preparation, planning and utilization of proven techniques to combat the unfavorable elements, adverse circumstances and poor choices that contribute to criminal behavior. Facilitators who are trained, who prepare, and who offer time, patience and helpful information and skills can bring out a positive outcome through personal attention to the inmate life circumstance." -Captain Tony Goings

GED Classes offer men and women an opportunity to receive their General Education Diploma while in custody. (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays)

Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous (AA-NA) - AA is a support group for individuals trying to overcome alcoholism. NA is a support group for recovering drug addicts. Facilitators from the recovery community volunteer to lead meetings. (Mondays for females and Thursdays for males)

Circle of Life (COLS) - Classes for women to discuss and relate to emotions in a healthy way and to teach meditation, relaxation and self-awareness through Yoga. (Tuesdays)

Self Control Class — Offered to inmates on restrictive status focusing on self awareness, self control and behavioral change. Led by an ex-offender who has turned his life around, this group offers a workbook and group discussions about real life issues. (5 week intervals)

Mothers / Parents in Jail — Offered by UGA Law School Public Interest Project. Provides information to men and women about legal issues related to their children.

Religious Services—Community volunteers provide religious meetings and conduct one-on-one visits with inmates. Free religious literature is provided to inmates.(Conducted 7 days a week)

Library Services provide educational, religious, self help and leisure reading materials.

Social Services / Inmate Management Team—provides assistance and interdisciplinary management of special needs inmates.