Surrendering Your Pet
We understand that sometimes unfortunate circumstances occur and you may no longer be able to keep your pet. We know that surrendering a pet is an incredibly difficult decision and hope that you have sought out other rehoming options for your pet that don't require a shelter stay. 

If it is not possible to keep your pet, we are committed to the best possible outcome for all pets that come through our doors.

  • Residents of Athens-Clarke County must make an appointment to surrender pets.
  • There is no fee associated with surrendering a pet.
  • Surrendering owners must bring their pet to the shelter and provide proof of residency in Athens-Clarke County. 
  • In most cases, surrendered animals are offered for adoption immediately. As space is limited, however, we cannot guarantee any surrendered animal will be held for adoption. 
  • It is helpful for owners to also provide any veterinarian records they have for their pet.

For more information on surrendering your pet, contact Animal Services at 706-613-3540.