Wait Until 8

Four cute kittens in a row playing in the grass

About this program

During kitten season, ACCGov Animal Services experiences a massive influx of kittens and mother cats. Underage kittens without their mothers are at high-risk in shelters due to the vulnerability of their health. 

Animal Services is now part of the national Wait Until 8® program. Animal Services will provide kits to help residents care for young orphaned kittens and litters of kittens with their moms until the kittens are eight weeks old. At this age, the shelter becomes a safer place for them. 

Residents can sign up through an online form or by phone to receive a kit with basics needed to care for kittens and a “pet taxi” to transport the cats to Animal Services for spaying, neutering, and placement for adoption.

Donations are also accepted for items specifically needed for the local Wait Until 8 program.

On this page, residents will be able to find resources and links that can help them if they have any issues or concerns along with frequently asked questions. There will also be a list of items that if someone wants to donate that we would accept specifically for this program. 

Together this community partnership will help save many lives of kittens this season!

For more information on this program and how to participate, please contact the Adoption Center at 706-613-3540 or email animalservices@accgov.com

Animal Services invites residents to donate the following items:

  • Kitten bottles and replacement nipples
  • KMR milk either liquid cans or powder form
  • Disposable litter pans/foil pans (like for baking 9x11 with shallow sides work best)
  • Puppy Pee pads
  • Kitten canned food
  • Kitten hard food
  • Cat litter