Project 6: Timothy Road / Mitchell Bridge Road Corridor Improvements Project

Project Statement

This project will provide for capital improvements to the Timothy Road Corridor Improvements. Depending upon actual costs and funding availability, improvements may include, but are not limited to: additional sidewalks, multiuse trails, bike lanes, landscaped/concrete medians, intersection improvements, lighting and/or other safety improvements along the corridor and connecting streets. 

This project is a continuation of work begun under the TSPLOST 2018 Project 15 Atlanta Highway Corridor Improvements Project. To the extent allowed by law, budgeted project funds may be used as matching funds for leveraging grant opportunities. 

 Additionally, to the extent allowed by law, other funding sources, including, but not limited to, grants, may be utilized to offset and/or reduce the project budget. Any unspent project funds that accrue as a result of the receipt of grants or other funding sources may be assigned to other approved TSPLOST projects.

Estimated Cost:  
TSPLOST 2023 Budget
Estimated Annual Operating Impact