Roll Out the Barrels 2019

Cameron Bliss - "14 Cows and 1 Donkey"

Cameron Bliss Ferrelle front small

Courtney Brown - "Please Rain On My Parade"

Courtney Brown front small

Jamie Calkin - "Herb Garden"

Jamie Calkin side small

Sarah Cook - "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"

Sarah Cook back small

Nat Freeman - "Colony Conservation" (2019 Audience Favorite)

Nat Freeman front small

Lou Kregel - "Somewhere Over the Rain Barrel"

Lou Kregel back small

Deborah Manoll - "Flirtatious Flamingos"

Deborah Manoll front small

Micah Miranda - "Ferraro the Fantastic Rides the Clouds of Glory"

Micah Miranda front small

Maria Mueller - "Underwater"

Maria Mueller front small

Marisa Leilani Mustard - "Rose Barrel"

Marisa Leilani side small

The Raessler Family - "Bath Time Bubbles"

Drew Raessler front small

Lorenza "Chico" Rozier - "Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute"

Chico Rozier front small

Julia Wynn Safer - "Butterflies and Fish in Flight at Night"

Julia Wynn Safer side small

Maggie Seee - "Spring Dreams"

Maggie Seee side small

Bembry Smith - "Rainbow Road: This Must be the Place"

Bembry Smith front small

Joan Terrell - "Life Line"

Joan Terrell front small