Roll Out the Barrels 2016

Maggie Baxter - "This Doll's Life"

Maggie Baxter, This Doll's Life

Will Eskridge - "The Hunt for Adaptation"

Will Eskridge, The Hunt for Adaptation

Alea Hurst - Untitled

Alea Hurst, Untitled (Pink and Gold)

Lorenza "Chico" Rozier - Untitled (Robot)

Lorenza Chico Rozier, Untitled (Robot)

Lily Swindle - Purple Rain Barrel

Lily Swindle, Purple Rain barrel

Cameron Bliss - Untitled

Cameron Bliss, Untitled (Green Man)

Robin Fay - "Currents Dance"

Robin Fay, Currents Dance

Cindy Jamison and Teresa Yoder - "As Summer Begins..."

Cindy Jamison and Teresa Yoder, As Summer Begins

Russ Sanders - Untitled

Russ Sanders, Untitled (Blue Geometry)

Chris Taylor - "Henna Saves Water" (2016 Audience Favorite)

Chris Taylor, Henna Saves Water

Kayla Cox - "Willow"

Kayla Cox, Willow

Lauren Geitner - "Earth in the Round"

Lauren Geitner, Earth in the Round

Maria Mueller - "Hex Barrel"

Maria Mueller, Hex Barrel

Dan Smith - "Spontaneous Monsterification with Rain On My Brain!"

Dan Smith, Spontaneous Monsterification with Rain on My Brain!

Zoe Daniel - Untitled

Zoe Daniel, Untitled (Keep Athens Beautiful)

Lyndsy Harrison - Untitled

Lyndsy Harrison, Untitled (Textured Colors)

Whitney Osborne - "Puddle Jumping"

Whitney Osborne, Puddle Jumping

Ansley Sproull - Untitled

Ansley Sproull, Untitled (Pirate Ship and Monster)