Roll Out the Barrels 2015

Alea Hurst - Untitled

Alea Hurst - Untitled Barrel (Masked woman)

Brittany Ranew - Untitled

Brittany Ranew - Untitled Barrel (Insect wings)

Jimmy "cap man" Straehla - "Simplify"

cap man - Simplify

Christina Ward - "The Rooster May Crow"

Christina Ward - The rooster may crow

Christy Wooke - "Screen"

Christina Wooke - Screen

Dan Smith - "A Conversation Between Incredible Moby and Yellow Submarine Moby Regarding the Watershed" (2015 Audience Favorite)

Dan Smith - A conversation between Incredible Moby and Yellow Submarine Moby regarding the watershed

Matty Goldstein - Untitled

Matty Goldstein - Untitled Barrel (Waves)

Cindy Jamison - Untitled

Cindy Jamison - Untitled Barrel (Athens Tech Owl)

Jul & Justin Sexton - "Great Maya"

Jul and Justin Sexton - Untitled Barrel (Seascape)

Marisa Leilani Mustard - "Sugar Water"

Marisa Leilani - Sugar Water

Lorenza "Chico" Rozier - "Heroes Save Water"

Lorenza Chico Rozier - Untitled Barrel (Super superheroes)

Kim Deakins - Untitled

Kim Deakins - Untitled Barrel (Orange, green, and blue)

Mike Groves - "Thirsty"

Mike Groves - Untitled Barrel (Skull and flowers)

Jamie Calkin - "Athens in the Calkins' Favorite Flowers"

Jamie Calkin - Athens in the calkin's favorite flowers

Lily Swindle - "Liquid Gold"

Lily Swindle - Liquid Gold

Russ Sanders - "Neon Canteen"

Russ Sanders - Untitled Barrel (Red, yellow, blue, and green)

Valerie June-Button - Untitled

Valerie Button - Untitled Barrel (Couple)