Trails and Open Space Programs & Activities 

4x4 Gnome

Bring the Gnome Home

Bring the Gnome Home is a hide and seek game that takes place on the public trail system managed by ACC Leisure Services Trails and Open Space. At the beginning of each month the gnome is hidden on one of our trails or properties. The gnome will be at least partially visible from the trail. When found, follow the instructions on the base of the gnome figurine. This informs the finder to return the gnome to Sandy Creek Nature Center to receive a prize. The prizes are donated by local Athens, Georgia businesses and are at least $25 in value. 

If the gnome is not found within the first two weeks of the month, hints will be given through social media as to the gnome’s whereabouts. The Gnome must be returned by the last business day of each month to redeem a prize. If the gnome is not found or returned within the month, a gnome will be hidden in a new location and a new prize will be offered. 

ACC Leisure Services staff and family members are not eligible to claim prizes.


Night Hike

Explore a trail by the light of the moon on these guided hikes. Enjoy activities that enhance the beauty and magic of our forest at night. Wear trail appropriate shoes and clothing. Please bring a small flashlight or headlamp; We will have a limited number of loaner flashlights. Pre-registration is required to ensure you have a spot on the hike. Ages 8 and up. 

Cost: $2 residents/ $3 non-residents

Register for Friday, 12/18/20

Register for Saturday, 2/27/21

1st day 4x4

First Day Hike

Kick off the New Year with Trails and Open Space. Join us for a First Day Hike at Sandy Creek Park. Burn off those extra holiday calories on this seven-mile Lakeside Loop Trail. Wear sturdy shoes and layer-up for this adventure. Bring water and a snack to have on the trail. Ages 10 and up.

Cost: Free + $2 entrance fee for Sandy Creek Park

Register for Friday 1/1/21

Virtual Cast Iron Chef campfire Cookout 4x4

Virtual Cast Iron Chef Campfire Cookout                                 

 All the sights and sounds without smoke in your eyes! Enjoy a prerecorded demonstration of fire building and cooking over a campfire with Dutch Ovens. Learn open grilling using a large skillet. Tips for iron cookware care including, restoration, seasoning and cleaning.  Favorite recipes for cornbread and cobbler will be shared. Take part in our live Q and A session to solve any remaining mysteries about campfire cooking with iron. 

 Cost: $4 residents/ $6 non-residents

Register for Friday, 2/19/21