Drinking Water Quality Report/CCR

You want to be confident that the water from your tap is safe for you and your family.  The Drinking Water Quality Report, also known as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), provides important information about Athens-Clarke County's drinking water quality. 

We test your water for various organic and inorganic substances, strictly adhering to state and federal regulations.  The results of these tests are compiled into the report and made available to customers by July 1 of the following year, as required in the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Safe Drinking Water Act.

A Look at Your Drinking Water Quality Report  

View the current and past Drinking Water Quality Reports/CCR to learn about the quality of your drinking water.   

Find the Faucet

An image of a faucet icon to show what readers should look for hidden in the report
Hidden in each annual Water Quality Report is an image of a faucet.  Find its location and enter where you found it for a chance to win a bucket full of prizes. 
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  2. 2022
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  6. 2009-2018

The 2022 Water Quality Report is published in 2023.

The current report is the 2022 Drinking Water Quality Report, which is published in 2023 to share the annual findings.  We also publish quarterly tap water analyses for additional information.

2022 Drinking Water Quality Report Summary, published in 2023

A boy is smiling as he drinks a glass of water on the cover of Water Quality Report Summary

2022 Drinking Water Quality FULL REPORT, published in 2023

A blue background with a glass of ice water for the cover of the Water Quality Report

Learn More About Your Drinking Water Quality Report/Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR)

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