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Little Lily Lookout

  1. Little Lily Lookout!

    In the quarterly WaterSource, a tiny image of Lily Anne Phibian, the Water Conservation Office mascot, is hidden in an article. Search through the articles/photos and locate her. Tell us where you spotted her to be entered to win a gift certificate from a Certified Blue business. Deadlines for submitting an entry are as follows: Winter WaterSource edition, entry due March 15; Spring WaterSource edition, entry due June 15; Summer WaterSource edition, entry due September 30; Fall WaterSource edition, entry due December 15 - all entry deadlines are to be within the current WaterSource year.

  2. Find the Faucet
    In the annual Water Quality Report/Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), a tiny faucet is hidden in the report. Search through the report to locate the faucet. Tell us where you spotted the faucet and win a bucket full of eco-friendly cleaning products. The Water Quality Report/CCR is published annually by July 1. The deadline for entry is July 31 of the current year.
  3. How to Enter
    To enter the contest, complete the entry form found below. Entries are randomly selected from all correct entry submissions. Only one entry per person, per edition, is accepted.
  4. Which publication did you locate the hidden image?*
  5. How would you prefer to be notified if your name is drawn?*
  6. I give permission to have my name printed as a winner in the next WaterSource newsletter and on social media.*
  7. I am above the age of 13.*
  8. I understand the Little Lily Lookout/Find the Faucet contests require I correctly identify the location of Little Lily/the faucet in the corresponding PUD publication. Winners are randomly chosen from those who correctly identify the location of Little Lily or the faucet. Gift certificates for Little Lily Lookout are distributed randomly. No entry fee is required for participation in the contest. Prizes must be claimed within 6 months of award notification; those not claimed are forfeited. . The participating business states the rules of using the gift certificate at their location; Athens-Clarke County has no authority over the rules for using the gift certificates. The retail value of each gift certificate may vary.*
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