Home & Business Permit Reviews

The following list describes various applications used by businesses and homeowners for projects such as additions to a home, installation of a fence, sign construction or modification, and approval of home businesses.

Larger construction projects, requests for relief from code requirements and requests for zoning changes typically go through either the Plans Review process or a review by the Hearings Board, Historic Preservation Commission or Planning Commission, depending on the nature of the request.

List of Applications 

Zoning Permit Application
This form and accompanying plans are reviewed for proposed construction of new single-family homes, additions to a home, storage buildings, pools, decks, fences, parking/driveways and permitting of temporary uses (where allowed by zoning), etc. Zoning permits are reviewed and issued by the Planning Department, but other departments may also require a review prior to any construction or other work on the property.

Home Occupation Application
Approval of this form is required prior to obtaining a Business License from the Finance Department to operate a business from your home.

Environmental Areas Permit Application
An environmental areas review permit is required for various construction and land/landscape-altering activities which are proposed within or adjacent to floodplains, riparian buffer areas and wetlands. Such activities include, but are not limited to home construction, vegetation removal, fence construction, grading and driveway construction.

Demolition & Relocation Review Application
The Planning Department reviews applications for the exterior demolition and the relocation of structures. Some applications can be quickly approved by Planning staff if the structure is not listed on the National Register of Historic Places, not over 50 years old, is a small accessory structure, or is deemed hazardous by the Chief Building Official. All other applications are forwarded to the Mayor and Commission for a 25 day review, with the possibility of a 90 day review, depending on the structure.

Temporary Telecommunication Facility Permit
These types of telecommunication towers are also known as Cellular on Wheels (COW).

Sign Review Application
Once the Planning Department has approved a Sign Review Application ensuring compliance with zoning and design standards, a Sign Permit is required from the Building Inspections Department prior to installation of the sign.

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