Walker Park Master Plan Revision (formerly Trail Creek Park)

Project Overview
Park Planners are vigilant to the changing needs of the parks and recreation community. The addition of Mountain Bike Trails to Walker Park (formerly Trail Creek Park) has proved to be very popular, and our partners at SORBA have worked with us to develop a proposal to add a pump track to the park. If you are not familiar with a pump track, please watch this short video to become familiar with the concept.

The addition of the pump track will require a revision to the park’s master plan. The proposal makes a small adjustment to the undeveloped areas of the park, changing the location of future park amenities in order to provide space for a pump track. The location would allow a direct connection to the existing mountain bike trail system. It places the pump track, basketball courts, and a pavilion and restroom in the same area. These uses are popular with young people, and we expect to see an increase in youth program activities as a result of these changes. The tennis court location has been shifted to the other side of the park access road, providing access directly from the parking area.

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Status: Approved
Location: 200 Trail Creek Street Athens, GA 30601



Walker Park Approved Plan (formerly Trail Creek Park)


Walker Park Proposed Revision (formerly Trail Creek Park)