Route 21 - West Athens (rev. 08/22/2021)

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Westchester Dr Oglethorpe Ave Broad & Alps Baxter &
6:15am 6:18am 6:25am 6:30am 6:35am 6:41am

> >
Monday --- Friday
> >
Piedmont ARMC
Prince & Hawthorne
Columbia Brookside
Atl Hwy & Mitchell Bdg
Atl Hwy & Cleveland Rd GA Square Mall Westchester Dr Oglethorpe & Hawthorne MMTC
6:45am 6:53am 6:57am 7:04am 7:14am 7:18am 7:21am 7:30pm 7:38am 7:48am
8:00am 8:08am 8:12am 8:19am 8:29am 8:33am 8:36am 8:45am 8:53am 9:03am
9:15am 9:23am 9:27am 9:34am 9:44am 9:48am 9:51am 10:00pm 10:08am 10:18am
10:30am 10:38am 10:42am 10:49am 10:59am 11:03am 11:06am 11:15pm 11:23am 11:33am
11:45am 11:53am 11:57am 12:04pm 12:14pm 12:18pm 12:21pm 12:30pm 12:38pm 12:48pm
1:00pm 1:08pm 1:12pm 1:19pm 1:29pm 1:33pm 1:36pm 1:45pm 1:53pm 2:03pm
2:15pm 2:23pm 2:27pm 2:34pm 2:44pm 2:48pm 2:51pm 3:00pm 3:08pm 3:18pm
3:30pm 3:38pm 3:42pm 3:49pm 3:59pm 4:03pm 4:06pm 4:15pm 4:23pm 4:33pm
4:45pm 4:53pm 4:57pm 5:04pm 5:14pm 5:16pm 5:21pm 5:30pm 5:38pm 5:48pm
6:00pm 6:08pm 6:12pm 6:19pm --- --- --- --- --- ---