Current Trail Status

In order to maintain the integrity of our trails, trails may be temporarily closed or under restricted use advisories throughout the year. Temporary closures are usually due to maintenance; restricted use advisories are usually due to weather.

We ask that users refrain from accessing our natural surface trails during wet conditions.Trail use during wet conditions is not only dangerous, but it can seriously damage natural surface trails. It can also have a negative environmental impact.

For more information and any questions, please call the Trails and Open Space Supervisor at 706-613-3620.

Alert IconBeginning mid-June 2020, Sandy Creek Nature Center will begin work on a Nature Playscape in the garden area behind the building. Please watch out for vehicles using the Greenway to access this construction area behind Sandy Creek Nature Center. This project is expected to continue through September. Occasional Greenway trail closures for tree felling and large equipment may be necessary but are not expected to take very long. The garden area behind the Education & Visitor Center is closed along with the service road from the Greenway leading up to the building. The ADA Trail, water fountains, & exterior restroom are still available for use.

TrailsStatus and Notes
Ben Burton Park

Social TrailsOPEN 
Boulevard Woods

Barber Hill TrailOPEN 
Cook’s Trail -- Sandy Creek Nature Center to Sandy Creek Park Walking Trail

Cook’s TrailCLOSED 

         Sandy Creek Park to Oxbow LoopCLOSED 

         Oxbow LoopCLOSED 

         Oxbow Loop to Sandy Creek Nature CenterCLOSED 
Firefly Trail

Firefly TrailOPEN
Greenway Network

N. Oconee River GreenwayOPENAlert Icon

Pulaski Heights TrailOPEN

Milledge Extension TrailOPEN

Trail Creek TrailOPEN
Memorial Park

Birchmore TrailOPEN 

Lake Walking LoopOPEN 
Sandy Creek Nature Center

ADA Interpretive TrailOPEN 

Claypit Pond TrailOPEN 

Cook’s Trail ConnectorOPEN 

Crossridge TrailOPEN 

Hooded Warbler TrailOPEN 

Kestral TrailOPEN 

Kingfisher Pond TrailOPEN 

Levee TrailOPEN 

Log House Loop TrailOPEN 

Oconee TrailOPEN 

Pine Ridge TrailOPEN 

Screech Owl TrailOPEN 

Stumphole TrailOPEN 
Sandy Creek Park

Buckeye Horse TrailOPEN 

Lakeside TrailOPEN 
Southeast Clarke Park

Nature TrailOPEN 

Walking PathOPEN 
Walker Park

Green TrailOPEN 

Orange Crush Trail (Orange)OPEN 

Widespread (Red)OPEN 

Panic (Yellow)OPEN 

Drive-By-Truckers (Blue)OPEN 

Walking PathOPEN 
Broken Tree Over TrailAs always, users in natural spaces are encouraged to use caution, be aware of their surroundings, and avoid hazards. Please report damaged bridges, downed or hazard trees, and maintenance issues with geo-tagged photos or by dropping us a pin to or by calling us at 706-613-3620.

Keep up to date with closings and damages on our Park Closings page.