Park and Facility Closings

Keep up with all the latest news and information about current and upcoming closures and maintenance for Leisure Services. Parks with current notices are listed in the menu at left. This page is updated as information becomes available, so check back often.

Bear Hollow Zoo Closure -- Beginning April 2, 2018
Location 02 | Posted: 8:00 AM, March 16, 2018 

Work to improve water availability throughout the zoo will begin on April 2nd and is expected to take no more than 5 days to complete. These repairs will necessitate the use of heavy equipment throughout the zoo. This temporary closure will affect the entire zoo area. Barring unforeseen circumstances, we anticipate that Bear Hollow will reopen for regular hours on Saturday, April 7 2018. This update to the facility will replace the existing network of fresh water plumbing and spigots to allow for easier access to water for the animal enclosures and facilities within the zoo. The remainder of Memorial Park will remain open through the week so feel free to come feed the ducks, have a picnic, or bring your pet to the dog park!

Lakeside Trail Partial Closure -- Beginning March 9, 2018
Facility 069 | Posted: 3:00 PM, March 9, 2018 
Construction work to install new fishing piers on Sandy Creek Park's Lakeside Trail will begin Thursday, January 4, 2018 and is expected to take about 4 weeks. Some portions of the trail will be inaccessible during construction. For full details see the Sandy Creek Park trails page.

Winterization Notice
System-Wide | Posted: 4:30 PM, November 8, 2017
Forecasts are predicting lows in the 30's on the horizon and with more than 100 outdoor water fountains, showers, and spigots across the system, it's time to begin the long process of winterizing our parks to protect from freezing. Over the next few weeks, maintenance crews will shut off water and drain any and all outdoor plumbing that is not specifically designed to be freeze proof. While the parks will remain open, our outdoor plumbing fixtures will be out of service until early April after the last hard freeze. During the winter months we encourage visitors to our outdoor facilities to bring water in reusable containers.

For those of you looking for something a little warmer, we encourage you to drop in to any of our indoor facilities. Start a pickup game at East Athens Community Center, play pickleball at Lay Park Community Center, learn a little at Sandy Creek Nature Center, join a class at East Athens Educational Dance Center, see an exhibit at the Lyndon House Arts Center, or check out a show at the Morton Theatre! Check out all of the options in our programming guide.

Firefly Expansion -- Partially Open
Facility 517 | Updated: 8:00 AM, March 16, 2018 | Posted: 2:30 PM, February 13, 2017
The first quarter-mile of multi-use paved path of the Firefly Trail opened with a ribbon cutting on October 20th.  The remainder of the first mile is currently under construction and is expected to open April 6, 2018. See the Oconee Rivers Greenway page for more information.

Southeast Clarke Park Dog Park Area 3 Open/Area 1 Closed
Facility 465/467 | Posted: 9:00 AM September 25, 2017
On Monday, September 25, Area 1 at the Southeast Clarke Park Dog Park was closed for rehabilitation as Area 3 reopened. For more information see the Southeast Clarke Park page.

North Oconee River Greenway Expansion -- Ongoing through Feb 2018
Facility 483 | Updated: 12:00 PM, February 6, 2017 | Posted: 12:00 PM, February 6, 2017
Construction has begun on an additional 1.28 miles of paved, multi-use path of the North Oconee River Greenway. Construction is staging in the Easley Mill parking lot. See the Oconee Rivers Greenway page for more information.

Easley Mill Parking Lot Closure -- Beginning February 20, 2017
Facility 483 | Updated: 8:00 AM, March 16, 2018 | Posted: 12:00 PM, February 6, 2017
The Easley Mill Parking Lot will be closed to accommodate staging of construction equipment related to the North Oconee River Greenway expansion. The lot is expected to reopen on April 6, 2018. Patrons can use the parking lot at Oconee and Poplar Street to access the Greenway and Dudley Park.

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