Automated Collection Rules

Roll carts for automated

Roll Cart Guidelines

  • Trash goes in the blue bin with a black lid. Recycling goes in the green bin with a yellow lid.
  • Loose trash will NOT be collected. Please bag all trash
  • Keep recycling loose.
  • Lid(s) must be closed completely.
  • Anything outside of the roll cart is considered overflow.
  • All overflow must have a visible prepaid sticker.
  • Roll carts must be at the street by 7:30 AM on collection day.
  • Keep roll carts 2 feet away from each other and other obstructions such as mailboxes.
  • Do not block carts with parked vehicles or other large objects.
  • Place carts on the curb with handles toward the house.
  • Remove roll carts from the curb at the end of the collection day.
  • NO yard waste, liquid waste, hazardous waste or construction debris in either bin. 
  • Report missed collections or problems to the Solid Waste Department within 24 hours at (706) 613-3501.

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OVERFLOW happens when all of the trash does not fit into the roll cart with the roll cart lid completely closed.


  • The customer can call and request a larger trash roll cart by calling 706-613-3501.
  • The customer can purchase overflow stickers for $2 per extra bag. These stickers can be purchased at the:
    • ACC Solid Waste Department– 725 Hancock Industrial Way
    • ACC Water Business Office– 124 E. Hancock Ave.


  • DON’T leave bags at the curb, the customer will be in violation of ACC policy and could be fined by ACC Code Enforcement.
  • Large, bulky items, such as furniture, carpets, sinks, appliances, and construction / renovation debris, will not be collected as part of your standard garbage collection service or with overflow decals. Call the Solid Waste Department at 706-613-3501 ext. 0 to arrange for a special pick-up. Fees for a special pick-up will be charged on a cost-of-service basis.

Click on the flyers below to download a PDF to print.

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