Residential Service for residents within the Urban Service District

Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste offers a pay-as-you-throw garbage collection program to our residential customers. This means residents pay a variable garbage rate depending on the level of service they select from the rate table below. This creates a direct economic incentive to recycle more and to generate less waste. Additionally, recycling services for our garbage customers is included at no additional cost. Just contact the Solid Waste's Billing Office at (706) 613-3501 ext 7884 if you have any questions and/or to request a recycling roll cart.

Please note: New Residents need to set up their water service first. Visit the Water Business Office web page for more details. 

If you would like to sign up for New ACC Solid Waste Residential Trash and/or Recycling Services, please fill out the following application: 

ACC Solid Waste Trash and Recycling Services Application

What size trash and recycling roll cart would you like? Effective 7/1/2022

If the home is vacant and the water is turned on, the monthly service fee is $15.00 per month. To qualify for this level, there is no water consumption.
Roll Cart Sizes
Average Number of Trash Bags
Average Number of People per Household
Monthly Fee for Curbside and/or 
ADA Service
Monthly Fee For Backyard Service
(1) 20 gallon
(1) 32 gallon
(1) 64 gallon
(1) 96 gallon
(2) 64 gallon
(1) 64 and (1) 96 gallon
(2) 96 gallon
Examples of Roll Cart Sizes

Roll carts for automatedRoll Cart Guidelines

  • Trash goes in the blue bin with a black lid. Recycling goes in the green bin with a yellow lid.
  • Loose trash will NOT be collected. Please bag all trash
  • Keep recycling loose.
  • Lid(s) must be closed completely.
  • Anything outside of the roll cart is considered overflow.
  • All overflow must have a visible prepaid sticker.
  • Roll carts must be at the street by 7:30 AM on collection day.
  • Keep roll carts 2 feet away from each other and other obstructions such as mailboxes.
  • Do not block carts with parked vehicles or other large objects.
  • Place carts on the curb with handles toward the house.
  • Remove roll carts from the curb at the end of the collection day.
  • NO yard waste, liquid waste, hazardous waste or construction debris in either bin. 
  • Report missed collections or problems to the Solid Waste Department within 24 hours at (706) 613-3501.

Overflow 2 noOverflow -  Do's and Don'tsOverflow no

OVERFLOW happens when all of the trash does not fit into the roll cart with the roll cart lid completely closed.


  • The customer can call and request a larger trash roll cart by calling 706-613-3501.
  • The customer can purchase overflow stickers for $2 per extra bag. These stickers can be purchased at the:
    • ACC Solid Waste Department– 725 Hancock Industrial Way
    • ACC Water Business Office– 124 E. Hancock Ave.