1. ACC Leaf & Limb Crews will collect in Area A during the week of Monday December 4th, 2023

  2. C & D Material must go to Walton County

    Effective OCTOBER 16, 2023, Oglethorpe County C & D Landfill will only accept construction and demolition waste generated in Oglethorpe County. Read on...
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Garbage Collection

 Safety Tips
Garbage haulers and collectors are people too! Please help them stay safe and healthy by learning about the safe disposal of potentially hazardous materials. Additionally, always be mindful of passing garbage and recycling trucks because collectors are sometimes on foot collecting your garbage and/or recyclables. 


Curbside Collection Rules:

  • Roll-cart MUST be out prior to 7:30 AM to ensure collection.
  • Roll-cart handles must face house (away from curb).
  • Keep your roll-cart at least two (2) feet away from each other and two (2) feet from other structures such as mailboxes, power poles, parked vehicles, etc.
  • Trash must always be bagged and recyclables should always be loose in the proper roll-carts.
  • Roll-carts should be placed as close to the curb as possible without protruding into the street. 
  • Do not place roll-carts behind parked cars or other obstructions because the automated arm is not able to reach behind trees, cars, or other objects. 

Good Morning America honors 3 deserving sanitation workers - "Make Your Monday"

Miah Love, Takisha Mapp and Beverly Gresham from the Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department in Athens, Georgia have gone above and beyond at their jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic. - 11/2/2020