Curbside Roll-Cart Service 

Residents are responsible for placing garbage and recyclables on the curb for collection. Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste provides a roll-cart trash can (or cans) for garbage with this type of service. There are four sizes of curbside trash cans to choose from see photo.

Roll carts

Curbside Recycling Roll-Cart Service

Residents can request a 96-gallon recycling roll-cart for curbside recycling service at no additional charge. 

NOTE:  Upon request, there are 32-gallon recycling roll-carts available for elderly or disabled customers.  See photo.

Roll carts

Backyard Service

Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department employees collect garbage from a location near the home. This is a more labor-intensive method that translates to higher costs. Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste will supply the needed garbage and/or recycling roll-carts. 

Porch Pick-Up Service

Physically disabled residents can request this service for collection of their recyclables. Residents with this service place their recyclables near the entrance of their house for collection. Residents requesting this service must provide physician documentation of their disability.