Self Help Desk

Many people having legal matters in Athens-Clarke County do not seek the assistance of a lawyer and instead choose to be a self represented litigant.  The Board of Trustees of the Athens-Clarke County Law Library seeks to facilitate the processing of these cases by maintaining the Self Help Desk, which provides access to forms, resources, and assistance for many types of legal actions, most commonly divorce.  

The Athens-Clarke County Law Library staff is committed to quality service and recognizes the importance of public access to legal information.  Although the staff may assist with legal research resources, they cannot give legal advice or interpret the law for Self Help Desk patrons.  If a self represented litigant has questions about the law, they should seek the advice of a lawyer.

  • The purpose of the Self Help Desk is to provide citizens with access to forms, research tools, and assistance if they wish to pursue a legal action pro se, that is as a self represented litigant without a lawyer.
  • The Self Help Desk is operated as a service of the Athens-Clarke County Law Library, located on the third floor of the Athens-Clarke County Courthouse, 325 East Washington Street.
  • Normal hours of the Law Library are 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, with live assistance available through Court Administration, located in Suite 400 of the Courthouse.
  • The Law Library has partnered with the University of Georgia Public Service Practicum to provide assistance to indigent patrons who plan to file for divorce pro se.


  • The Athens-Clarke County Courthouse has a self help center in the Law Library located on the 3rd Floor that can provide free legal help to people who do not have a lawyer. For some courts, the services are limited, and the self help center may be able to help you with only a few issues. In other courts, the self help center may be able to offer more extensive information and/or assistance. The rules for self-help centers are the same as with any of the courts: ​ ​1. The self-help center lawyer (or staff member) is not YOUR lawyer. He or she works for the court and is a lawyer who can help people who do not have their own lawyer. ​ ​2. You do not have attorney-client privilege with the self-help center lawyers and staff. What you say to the staff or lawyer is NOT confidential. ​ ​3. Both sides in a civil law suit can get help from the self help center.